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BALD! 03:00
Fuck that bitch I changed plan Switch my style like I switch hands Block the witness take the stand Fuck out the way bitch back it up Shit better get played in a palace I cant treat niggas like big deals Why put up a front I’m callous BALD! I look like Ray Allen These niggas make beats on big wheels Yo files is not a challenge Boy u cant rap for shit Shuttlesworth blessed me with talent Hairline proof God needs balance BALD! Look I’m cashing out Young Darby I’m tagging in They gon’ bring your casket out I hope that u fit in it OOOOO What u doing babe How u get caught with no gat U niggas must got no pride Peggy gon’ give u no slack foreal Cuz u pussy Keep my business off the gram Switch my style like I switch hands Going to war, on foreign land Fuck out the way bitch back it up Shit better get played in a palace Wait I cant treat niggas like big deals These toys don’t come with no kids meal Been there done that done seen it Not my girl but I fuck her like she is They be Fucking up my lyrics on genius And these pussy ass critics repeat it Been the same since Even Stevens Yall niggas switch with like the seasons Y’all lives ain’t got no meaning And them deals ain’t got no freedom I cant just loop it and leave it Gotta smack it up rip it up and eat it HA! U cant feed your kid because u spent that shit on your car Tape my hands I’m going over squares heads like a VCR HA! BALD!
I’m covered in money I’m out for the bag OOOOOO I flew out the country borderline dressing in drag I brought you a Hearse Hope you fit in the back Im poking it out nicki minaj The meek getting dragged Bitch I’m upset I ain’t... Bitch im upset I ain’t mad Cutest niggas in my class Shout out Zel, Kwes, & Thai Those my peers Spitting slurred, I can’t handle my beer Beat my dick when I look in the mirror When I bust it cancel my fears Too much guap! Too much heat, you can’t call for no cop Too much filming you, seem like a opp Fuck the underground Im going pop Only Mandy Moore played in this drop More hits than the 4 tops Hairline like a 4 tops Stretch! Rapping like I signed to koch Eating ass, head to toe in this gold Can’t nobody touch me I feel like Fort Knox Im outta my class Digital dash Modern day cannibal ox Its dirty Dirty Bag log on my personality Because you thinking that know me personally You rehearsing me & it’s surfacing These ain’t bars I’m describing a murder scene Dis a Big thing Money getting fucked up, like he ving rames cuz they don’t know my name like the ting tings chuck berry big strap That’s my ding-a-ling really coming from the heart When I sing tings finna get dis bitch shaking like jingling Rip Bernie mac, legend in the game RIP Bernie Mac when I die hope my music gives cowards pain pray allah, Christ, & Buddha You’ll never be shamed My little kids Gonna inherit this fame E + My celebrity name I’ma tell u now If I go plat Best believe little bitch that Peggy gon’ change ya’ll better pray I stay in my lane Never switch my ideals For position or fame if you do dirt keep it quiet like pootie tang lose it all for the nut Im Louis CK Gag order on him we ain’t tryna civil hoe I’m aiming for your head like Martin Luther king Shoot at your tour bus We gon’ increase your streams Big strap like Portia de rossi Damn niggas just shitted on me
Yo Who gon' hold me down? Who gon’ work my body? Who gon' touch me up? Who gon’ fuck me in? Who gon’ stick around? Who is worth it? Yea yea.. Two things that I learned Is I’m worth all the prize Sugar and spice Everything nice! Who’s gonna turn me Bitches gotta earn me I’m to hard she Can’t be Can’t be I Don’t want no war. I don’t want it with nobody but you No protection with nobody but you you you Bodyguard Why you wanna hurt me babe How you see through my act Please hit me back Girl don’t me like that You know I want it I know you want the Credit cards The fancy cars I know you want the world I told ***** I’m coming I got no refunds I told my baby its rented tonight Who’s gonna turn me Bitches gotta earn me It's to hard He Can’t be Can’t be I Don’t want no war. I don’t want it with nobody but you No protection with nobody but you you you Bodyguard
CUTIE PIE! 02:48
whole time I got the vice grip triggers busting niggas ducking I got the right clip good manners or the damage a nigga might tip I drive the boat for the passengers this a kodak moment A nigga might drift I work smarter not harder this is a life tip can’t get your show on the road ~ nigga’s need a pilot you niggas trash still slaving away on sylenth matter of fact you slaves no matter who niggas sign with lemme look at your deal 21 savage to these millie vanilli ass niggas don’t even own what they rhyming I cant take this living all alone I’m phyllis hyman billie eilish got 4 grammys It’s frightening slick old nigga I’m pebo bryson flows be so so u off key rapping like its 04 wrote this in red monkeys steady hand Peggy my production is a diamond precision execution and timing slick rhyming pick up the pattern tackle melodies like a lineman rapping offsides throw the flag when you fine him up in your turf with a bomb and a plan flowing in enemy territory I feel like walt white teach u niggas how to get busy on usb mics rapping like schoolly d and dressing like magnum P.I. she need a tip drill peggy been uncut since E.I. all these amatuers they cant keep up with my stamina ebony wrong category you ain’t built for what you backing up make yo bitch back it up all these weirds beats you commenting while I’m stacking up gots to find new wave these niggas stay attacking us feel like a Titan when i'm strapping up my flow a bachelor get to fucking on the back of her and get attached to her pistol poking I look after her your beats innacurate muddy low end and you over-compressing because you don’t know what you doing so you be stacking it don’t know the difference between threshold and attacking it you impassionate ungrateful mince meat don’t mince words bitch I hate u thinking about what I’ma do & how ima do it when I face you
THE BENDS! 02:55
maybe I’m stuck to my ways fantasies fantasies i should rap like sly tendencies but obviously i’m who I meant to be my leader treat me like a enemy he’s a casualty wonder if he cries when he sees fans of me cant believe we thought he’d be the man for we It’s SAD foreal melody when we fucking you better pretend to be gotta keep that on brand positioning no surprises you know its the bends with me halt niggas dying we know it’s y’all fault people pray to the press too impeach deeper down know that vote is a loss SAD! ~~~~ maga raps caught a body with a maga hat who trying to get rid of me let my bottom bitches handle that no baby I don’t wanna go ah made men make it look close fuck the polls change the language when they decipher the code flip the script now the caption closed vice city used to print all my codes strap on my hip because I’m bitter and old mountain dew sippers they hating the scroll yea yea yea bunker bitch decorating his home black man got it sowed get the money y’all can keep all the hope rich! all my enemies is broke big bank & we raking in more yee off a probation them cases is closed woo i'm a tell we like trump told you fuck it niggas what we got to lose ain’t gon' be no peace with the crew because this one piece we gon' aim at you
[tommy] i think i’m insane Do you love me? i think i just came Do you trust me? when i stare hard u get ugly i Just look away at the money I don’t come from money but they Say I I look expensive he lay me on the table with a bag cause I’m his pension If you with me won’t go hungry If you with me call me mommy Fucking wit the ghost in my body pray to the pussy like haunt me Stretch marks on my skull I wasn’t made For me at all cut me open with your jaw lick the writing on the wall. I got fat mouth no collagen I got a fat cat and my throat infinite- He want a picture with Tommy Save that shit like JPEG she wanna know who’s Mommy? blood pact, wolf pack, hashtag- she put a gun to my halo i talk to god and he calls me emo he put a tongue to my halo i talk to god and she calls me emo [jpegmafia] Some of my friends got big dreams Some of my friends tote big beams None of yo friends get no cream These niggas look blank got no theme Just got a new thats Mac that 15 Young bald head nigga I’m ms. clean Catch a nigga off guard like pistol pete Light a square nigga up like Billie Jean just got a new grill So I can’t eat Bruh I gotta feed my motherfucking family gotta make it to the top and get a grammy But I be playing with the drums like a band geek Bitch nigga don’t make me aggy Dome shot now you look like Cassie Skinny nigga but I’m built like a athlete AR same colors as khakis You my sons but I don’t be the pappy Stop wasting my time These Nigga done ran outta line I’m strapped and ready to die I feel like thot when I cry I feel like a god when i rhyme I can’t believe that he ain’t signed Why?
you'll always be a part of me i'm part of you indefinitely ooo no you're never gonna shake me ooh darling 'cause you'll always be my baby and we'll linger on time can't erase a feeling this strong oh boy you're never gonna shake me ooh darling 'cause you'll always be mine.. pass me that champagne 44 on me like Like hacksaw jim duggan Dressed like a housewive Im a bad husband Keep the fears tucked in champagne for the pain & suffering Fans same color as voice of Tim Duncan All these niggas screaming gang scared to get jumped in Nigga them pistols on yo gram Suppose to be tucked in Chill watch and observe Peggy don’t say nothing Let em’ stay fronting Swish Only floaters Wiser older sending signals to the weirdos I’m a young s-mulder Keep it calm Cuz the scully fit right over my shoulder I love her... But I can’t even hold her Tell my baby lie to me I’m her ayatollah I’m a hoe Put my whole head In the chocha Little bank That the big bank never noticed Check my BMI little bitch I am the sole owner I need royalties not loyalties to fill my quota They avoiding me I’m poised to be a rap shogun Tweet about me all day You can’t be focused Baby focus on yourself Because I don’t know you Dark skinded giving out work I feel like Kelly Rowland I don’t need no therapy Beats give me consoling I’m gagging They still think they know me


produced by JPEGMAFIA
written by JPEGMAFIA
mixed by JPEGMAFIA
mastered by JPEGMAFIA

compilation of all single's released this year. mix of young and old. thank you for listening. i love u all 💕stay safe. and be you always.


released November 6, 2020


all rights reserved






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